Thursday, December 11, 2008


Backlinks from other sites related to their content
Sometimes, if your site's traffic, you not only get back links
Link, also known as inbound links only as a hypertext link to a website leading to other sites. So this is a link to other Web sites that point to your website is a backlink to your site. "Eyes" is the search engine robots to form a complex chain of virtual compounds. Density and quality of links is one of the most important elements that search engines determine the popularity and relevance of the website. Link also allows you to push your website higher in the search for your specific keywords.
There are two types of links back - they are natural, or backlinks from webmasters and to develop the theme. Over the last two are more valuable than the first in the eyes of search engines. This problem concerns the link to the authentic, the other you have a communications or advertising sites. Backlink from the webmaster on the other side makes it less organic look. This is an important issue for website owners to be considered, because the search engine algorithms are feeling the difference between the two.
To better understand how to deal with the search engine link search, as the sound. The greater the number of votes your site has, the higher your website will be launched from. But the search engine universe, all the voices are not equal. So many back links is not always able to see the approach to the home page. You should consider the quality of the link. For example, a link back to your site see the Wikipedia page is worth more than a link back to your blog to visit the dark and rare.
But what is the quality of a backlink? Now there are several parameters used to define the quality back link. One site a Page Rank (PR), link to your site. The first semester of the highest rank can backlink. Link quality is also determined by reference to the similarity between the subject and keyword pages and web sites. If the content is varied, the connection is less a priority. Worst case, these links are considered spam and totally ignored by the search engine robots.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

web site traffic

Etting web site traffic is easy, because it is able to understand which pages to improve rankings in search engines. Internet marketers are far see many miracles, but could not find them. In this article, I will not provide a magic formula, but I will give you information that will help you design a strategy to develop the site's traffic is always better than ever.
A. backlinks from quality sites on the Internet
If you try web site traffic, backlinks from quality sites on the Internet has to offer. What about quality? Think of how much the value of the site and how much they respect the public. The value that you have a website and more respected then it is the best back links pointing to your site again in place. This is the question of how much sound, but the sound quality.


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